Kyoto Public Transit

Kyoto Japan Tourist Information and Travel Guide

The Kyoto Public Transit system is comprised of a 2-line metro system and a modern bus network.  Although the metro is inexpensive and fast, it does not serve the outlying areas in East and West Kyoto where many of the city's shrines and temples are located.

Fortunately the Kyoto bus system is excellent and inexpensive.  A flat bus fare costs only ¥120 per ride.

Please note that bus fares are paid when leaving a bus; not when boarding it.  Unless you are using a bus pass, you'll need to make sure that you have sufficient change on hand.

Kyoto Public Transit, Japan
Kyoto City Buses

One-day and two-day Kyoto sight seeing passes can be purchased at Kyoto Station.  They cost ¥1,200 and ¥2,000 respectively and cover both metros and buses.

Make sure to pick-up the handy transit map when you purchase your pass.  It is very useful.

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